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Robert & @Harry_Styles in the Bel Air hotel.. What a lovely guy, made Roberts evening.. Cxx +

Robert & @Harry_Styles in the Bel Air hotel.. What a lovely guy, made Roberts evening.. Cxx +

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Hello tumblr this is the first ive had access to wifi all day. It is 10:30pm here so I am going to pass out soon but I just wanted to say pop in and say I am having a grest time!!

Apologize to Dustin Lance Black and restore his invitation to speak at commencement


Dustin Lance Black is an excellent role model for the students at Pasadena City College. He is an Oscar winning screenwriter, and a recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Community College League of CA. This is why a committee including students chose to invite him to our college to speak at commencement, and why students were ecstatic when he agreed. Unfortunately, the school’s board of trustees disinvited him last week in a stunning display of institutionalized homophobia.

Sign the petition here.

Hey y’all my school said that this guy couldn’t come talk because he had sex with his boyfriend, and someone stole the pictures and put them online, and the president of the board of trustees said in an email that I saw that it was contributing to the rise of aids. Yeah, that’s fucked up. Please sign and share!

You can read what Mr. Black had to say about everything here.

Thank you for everyone’s suggestions! We have internet after all. I AM SO EXCITED.

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Do you want me to keep you updates, like whatever happens i will just send you an ask telling you what happened in the fandom and stuff? Or it doesnt bother you to be out of track?

I would love that!! Thank you :*

There is a chance that my 14 hour flight that’s leaving in 5 hours doesnt have wifi please send time wasting ideas that I can preload on to a tablet friends.

Garcia Marquez, Nobel Laureate, Dies at 87

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