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welcome to new york makes me think about a series of lesbian pulp fiction novels i read (the beebo brinker chronicles by ann bannon) where basically women move to new york and find their lesbian selves like

searching for a song we hadn’t heard before

it’s a new soundtrack i could dance to this beat

and of course

you can want who you want, boys and boys and girls and girls

also mentioning the village :))

this screams queer awakening to me and i’m so happy

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But I'm actually crying on the bus because of that Taylor lyric

i’m gonna cry on my way home from work on a bus so we are twinssss

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Boys and boys and girls and girls boys and boys girls and girls BOUS AND BOYS AND FIRLS AND GIRLS BOYS AND GIRLRHWUEJLSK

gaylor swift is so real


when we first dropped our bags on apartment floors

took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer

everybody here was someone else before


pour up (larry), head shot (larry) sit down (larry), stand up (larry) pass out (larry), wake up (larry) faded (larry), faded (larry)