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Christ I didn’t realize that Eleanor actually tweeted the brand that she & Louis were so obviously promoting today to thank them for that train ride. I realize that this was actually related to Louis’s football club but I’d be surprised at all if various evil 1D enterprises weren’t involved somehow.

I am going to rub my temples to keep in a rant about how livid I am about how all this CONSTANT branding and advertising is going under the guise of Louis and Eleanor being the ~perfect couple~ that teenage girls should 100% emulate ps the best way to be them is to buy all the things they buy that will make you the happiest promise no takebacks.


Which, yeah is what happens all of the time with celebrity couples but not even Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez are THIS advertisement-driven.

This has GOT to be a sign the bubble is about to burst, right? It fucking reminds me of the shady-ass wholesale theft that happened right before the housing market took a swan dive.

Except that just led to a new round of wholesale theft and terribleness. Ugh. Fuck capitalism forever the end.

Whoops I guess I didn’t hold that rant in as well as I could have.

I am going go to get a sandwich.   

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    This just right pisses me off. I wish Louis and Harry could just openly be together :(